Susan S Roberts

Artist Statement

Subtle conflict exists between opposites such as the beautiful and the grotesque or the internal and the external. My paintings and drawings endeavor to investigate this conflict and render images that embody both delight and uncertainty. By making hybrid images that blur the edges between humans, plants and animals, I call upon my continuing interest in the beautiful and dark side of nature as a mirror of society. I intend for my work to provide a contradiction between an intuitive attraction to sensual surfaces of color, paint or graphite and a wary embrace of bizarre form. I am relying on an interpretation of my personal experiences as a way of expressing more universal concerns.

Erased, painted and washed paper, the suggestion of worn maps and stained canvas appeal to my aesthetic of the old and the used. These are hints that suggest non-specific places and history in my work. These clues, along with partially recognizable images, impart information to the viewer and suggest the delicate balance of nature as a theme I continue to explore.